Nationwide Launch, July 16, 2012

Troyer's Genuine Trail Bologna
6552 State Route 515
Dundee, OH 44624
(Trail, Ohio)

Troyer's Genuine Trail Bologna Moves Into Its Second Century

Open House

In the fall of 2012, Troyer's Genuine Trail Bologna celebrated its 100th anniversary of providing not just Holmes County but the entire nation with one of the most recognizable food products anywhere.

In celebrating their historic time, owners Ken and Kevin Troyer, now the fourth generation of owners in the family business, held an open house in which they provided tours of the facility and talked to visitors about the history of the plant, how Troyer's Genuine Trail Bologna has Troyer's Genunie Trail Bologna Smokehouseremained amazingly the same over the years despite a change in the methods in which it is made, and the many wonderful people who have come in and out of the family's lives over the decades.

From the hickory chip smell of the smokehouses, where they are able to smoke four tons of bologna in two hours, to the old Troyer's General Store, where the locals come for a sip of coffee, Troyer's Trail Bologna has been as much a part of Holmes County as any company

Nationwide Launch

When the business began a century ago, and even into its first few decades, little did they realize how popular their bologna would become nationwide

Until 2012, the company did not have the rights to send their bologna nationwide, meaning that people all over the nation relied on locals in Ohio to ship them their bologna, many of them opting to do so at or near Christmas

Troyer's Genuine Trail Bologna NationwideThe one thing that hasn't changed is the bologna itself which has maintained the same fresh, spicy flavor. "it's been the family secret for years," said Ken Troyer of the flavor of the bologna.

Family Owned

The family-like atmosphere with not just the Troyer family but their dedicated employees as well, has helped the company maintain its presence in the meat market. "Everybody says that it is really difficult for a fourth generation business to survive, but Kevin and myself all have our own certain little niche that we fill and have enjoyed working together", said Ken Troyer. "We've been very blessed, and it still is a great feeling to come to work every day."

The Future

Troyer's Genuine Trail BolognaWhat will the next 100 years hold for the company? Troyer said he is pretty sure that the bologna will still taste the same, and they will continue to put forth every effort to make sure the Troyer name is still first and foremost when people think about rings of bologna.

That name recognition has stood the test of time. "Dad always told me that there are a lot of bolognas out there on the market, but if it doesn't say Troyer's Genuine Trail on it, it is not the real thing", said Troyer.

The Holmes County Bargain Hunter, January 7, 2013, Dave Mast